Astronomy at Rusty's RV Ranch.

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We are moons above the rest. It doesn't get any better then this.
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Moon over Rusty's




Amateur Deep Sky Observing at its Best
Very,very dark, clear skies.
No significant human population within 50 miles.
If you have the telescope, we have the skies.


Astro Photography
Photo by Astronomer Barry Schellenberg

Telescope on Pad

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NGC 2237 HaRGB

Other Names: Rosette Nebula, Caldwell 49, SH2-275
Optics: Borg Astrograph 101ED at f/4.1
Mount: Atlas EQG using The Sky6, EQMOD, & MaxPilote
Camera: QSI 583WS
Filters: Astrodon Ha 3nm, Gen II RGB
Exposure: 305 Mins, [61 x 300s] 200 mins Ha, 40 mins each of R&B, 25 mins G
Location: Rodeo, NM
Date: November 12th, 2012

Photo by: Barry Schellenberg Astrophotos

For additional information please visit Barry's web site @



Astro Photogrophy
Photos by Astronomer Gary Breneman

Telescope on Pad


Helix Nebula
Spiral Galaxy
Dumbbell Nebula

October 25th, 2008


This Jupiter image was very lucky with both The Great Red (now cream) Spot and the shadow of one of its Moons (Europa) in it.


NGC 246,Skull Nebula
Planetary Nebula
NGC 6781,A Planetary Nebula
Silver Coin
NGC 253, the Silver Coin Galaxy

These are three new objects for me. I hadn't seen them
Before this trip. :-) 10-28-08.

Details of the above images through the telescope:
Taken on an 11 inch SCT at f/20 with a computer webcam,
with 1200 movie frames stacked together for the final image.


Astronomer Gary Breneman
Of Astro Bird Photography

For additional information please visit Gary's web site @


Andromeda Galaxy - M31

Hour Glass Nebula

M74 - Galaxy

M83 - Galaxy

M57 - Ring Nebula

M80 - Globular Cluster

Horse Head Nebula - Orion